REDS X-One “High Torque” S-Series 2143 Off-Road Tuned Pipe (Long)


The REDS X-One High Torque S-Series 2143 Off-Road Tuned Pipe combines the REDS 2143 Pipe and the REDS L Manifold to create this one-piece “High Torque” exhaust, that creates higher torque and mid range power for REDS S-Series engines. The High Torque exhaust is ideal demanding tracks where sharp corners, high grip and hard to clear jumps can be a problem. Furthermore, the exhaust is ideal when combined with taller pinion / spur gear ratios (eg. 14/48) to improve engine driveability in low grip conditions or when it is necessary to improve fuel consumption. This pipe can be used for both buggy and truggy. It is particularly suitable for truggy.

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